<< About us

Sutterby Construction Services, a specialized
design - build firm, has over 45 years of extensive experience in waterfront stabilization, site development, dams, and run-of-river hydro power generation. We are committed to developing alternative renewable energy resources including wind and solar power. We are a proponent of smart building and systems integration.

Our reputation for quality services and creative solutions is founded on our commitment to our clients. We have served residential, municipal and industrial clients in upstate New York from the lower Finger Lakes to the upper St. Lawrence River including the Adirondack Park.

We have also completed projects for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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<< Design-build

With licensed engineering teammates, Sutterby Construction Services provides design-build services. We are energetic professionals committed to meeting our client’s expectations. We understand the need for clear communication and straight forward approaches to keep projects on track.

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<< Green & Smart-build

Sutterby Construction Services has LEED-accredited teammates who are trained in green and smart building design and construction. We can help clients improve the environmental, economic and health benefits of their building projects.
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<< Renewable Energy

The use of renewable energy resources (hydro, wind and solar) for our everyday energy needs is essential for a healthy and prosperous future. Advancements in renewable energy generation technology have made renewable energy a more cost effective, user friendly alternative energy resource. Our mission is to provide integrated renewable power generation services to our clients that are innovative and rewarding.

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We believe that building "green" and "smart" with "renewable energy" ensures the future health of our society and environment.