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Sutterby Construction Services performs dredging and pond development services to improve wildlife habitat, waterway and facility operations, and boater access to protective bays.
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As NYSDEC's dredging Teammate, Sutterby Construction provided long-stick dredging services at this Pt. Peninsula marina to improve accessibility to recreational boaters and fishermen.   Dredging of the marina was performed during late fall to take advantage of Lake Ontario's lower water level. As a result of excellent teamwork, gale wind, rain, ice and snow did not delay the project. Over 2000 CY of sediment was removed with our combined Team in a 2-week period.

We utilize wide-tracked long-stick hydraulic excavators that can reach out up to 65 feet from the center of the machine. We also use dragline crane machines with a variety of buckets for specific material dredging applications.

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The excavator dredged with excellent results. The bottom of the marina is shale. Our experience has proven that hydraulic controls provide the tightest tolerances of control and the highest removal productivity rates for rock shelf bottom conditions.  

The project's site access requirements and material dredging conditions influence the type of equipment that we select for your project. Our dredging and pond installation methodology is based upon years of experience and consistent formats of dredging that recognizes the difficulties of “working blind below water” and the types of materials to be removed.

We also work closely with regulatory and wildlife management agencies such as the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on projects that require our skill sets. Our goal is to always be a teammate that provides value and creative solutions.