Boathouses, Waterfront Improvements & Hillside Elevators
Boathouses and Waterfront Improvements

Sutterby Construction Services designs and constructs permanent boathouses and floating boathouses as well as elaborate entertainment and recreational facilities. We install boat house lift systems that are matched to your boat size and weight as well as the depth of water in your slip. We also work closely with our design teammates to provide waterfront improvements such as decks, patios and retaining wall structures that are environmentally friendly and visually beautiful. These improvements are designed to greatly enhance access and your view of the waterfront. Our design-build teams focus on permitting, facility use, materials of construction, geotechnical evaluation, construction quality, safety, and coordination.

Hillside Elevators

We install hillside elevators that are specifically designed to meet our clients needs and the challenges of their hillside terrain. We place a high value on the safety of our clients. In addition, our team of engineers can provide the necessary design drawings for your building code enforcement regulatory agencies.