Private Dams & Dam Decommissioning Services
Private Dams

Sutterby Construction Services designs and rebuilds most dam types. We work closely with our engineering teammates, including the New York State Dam Safety Engineers to provide dam structures that meet or exceed current design requirements. Our design-build team focuses on constructability, geotechnical and hydrology evaluations, permitting and safety.

Dam Decommissioning Services

New York State dam safety regulations are being enforced by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and other regulatory agencies. Owners of dams are required to operate and maintain their dams in accordance with these safety regulations. The costs to repair or to rebuild these structures combined with yearly operation and maintenance costs may no longer justify the benefits of the dam. As a result, some dam owners are considering the partial or complete removal of their dam.

The engineering, permitting and construction process required to properly remove the dam is defined as dam decommissioning. Sutterby Construction Services, Inc. and our design teammates provide design, permitting and construction services for dam decommissioning projects. We have a very talented group of "out-of-the-box" thinkers who creatively determine cost effective, environmentally sensitive solutions for your dam decommissioning project. We take pride in our reputation as an excellent design, permitting and marine construction service provider by keeping our approach as simple and as cost effective as possible while working as a teammate with the owner and the regulatory agencies.